Common Data Environment for construction management


Common data environment is an IT system that is used for managing project files and collaboration at every design, engineering, and construction company.

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  • On-premise or in public cloud
  • Access from mobile devices
  • Autodesk Forge viewer
  • Enterprise subscription
  • Reviews workflow and issues
  • Client side administration
  • Integration with Google Docs and MS Office
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Top features



«We pay too much annually. Every time we need to find the budget inside the company and refuse to buy other needed software»

The price is just 100$. Yes, we think that 100$ per user annually is a fair price! It will allow buying as many licenses as needed and saving budgets for CAD/BIM software and services. We also have a proposal for unlimited usage: just 10000$. We can customize the system as it was your own corporate development and add needed integrations with other IT systems.

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«Our security team does not approve cloud systems because they store data on other data servers and usually, they are somewhere abroad»

SIGNAX DOCS allows you to connect data storage on your servers. To do this, just install and configure S3 storage on the company’s internal or rented cloud server and enter it into the system settings.

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«Usually cloud systems do not take into account the specifics of construction, work poorly on a smartphone and do not allow you to work without Internet connection on a construction site»

SIGNAX DOCS has an excellent mobile version by default, which allows you to quickly find and view the desired file, as well as save it on your device for viewing without the Internet. We trust in mobile technologies and use them with maximum value!

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