Petr Manin has joined SIGNAX team

Roman Sigitov
Roman SigitovCEO at SIGNAX

I’m proud to announce that Petr Manin has joined SIGNAX team as MENA Regional Director.

In this role, Petr will be responsible for developing and maintaining a network of prospects, as well as managing and enhancing relationships with BIM stakeholders. He will be SIGNAX Ambassador to grow awareness of our brand in Middle East and will coordinate the work of our engineering team in the region.

Petr was CTO of Autodesk CIS since 2016. He is a recognized expert in BIM and digital construction, researcher in the field of information modeling and simulations, participant in key international conferences in area of construction projects lifecycle optimization, author of more than 40 scientific articles and publications in industrial and business issues.

His passionate, creativeness, strategic-minding will help our team to lead the MENA market.

Petr Manin has joined SIGNAX team