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Most end-to-end reporting solutions do not allow use the 3D information model neither as a source of data, nor to confirm the completion of work. SIGNAX Tools on base of Revit & Navisworks does! Make your BIM data ready to increase the effectiveness on construction site.

BIM in construction

Module features



«We work with the RVT format, but sometimes we receive models in IFC, which creates many problems»

S TOOLS works with any format (RVT, DWG, IFC) and models of any detail at any stage of development. We can adjust the parameters of the elements for any model, connect them with the volume values and then collect the volumes of works in a couple of clicks.

Building information modeling formats


«We check models for collisions in Navisworks, but we can't check the parameters for fullness there»

S TOOLS for Navis allows you to check the availability and completeness of parameters in the information model. The rules table will enable you to prepare check files in a visual form using Excel, use them both for inclusion in the EIR, and perform checks with them.

BIM model checker


«Most of the solutions for calculating model volumes are very time-consuming and challenging to learn»

S TOOLS allows you to customize model splitting rules through Excel, generate search sets, visually check the selections and export the result to Excel for further work.

Best takeoff software


«The completion mark is not suitable for the project model because cutting elements into sections is not designed»

S TOOLS allows you to cut RVT-models into sections and work with a phased issue of project documentation. After, you make a new "construction model", which includes the elements approved for the construction. Then, assigning dates of completion, statuses, and dates of acceptance.

Construction BIM model


«Today, there is a lot of paper and PDF documentation at the construction site, and so far, legally, we cannot get away from it»

S TOOLS allows you to link notes and documentation from the file server and BIM 360 Docs. All information is stored in the information model and is available even for those who do not have SIGNAX. In addition, the module allows you to structure the documentation and link it to the information model.

Link files to BIM-model elements


«It's common for engineers to work in their systems and prepare reports for the management separately»

S TOOLS works in a shared ecosystem with S DASHBOARD and allows you to directly upload a construction model from an engineer to the DASHBOARD in a smartphone. Now the manager can see the actual progress of the project.

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