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Digital processes come to the construction site to make it better. You can easily outsource these services saving time, money and using the professional expertise of SIGNAX team. They will work together with your engineering team and help them learn.

Planning Phase

In the planning stage of a project, the design process is crucial as it sets the foundation for the construction phase. At the same time, it's important to ensure that the IT infrastructure is set up to facilitate seamless communication and data management. Quantity takeoff and project structuring are also important aspects that establish a framework for resource allocation and scheduling, which ultimately contribute to the efficient execution of the project.

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  • BIM modeling
  • Common Data Environment
  • BIM model audit
  • BIM model classification
  • Quantity Take-off
Common data environment (CDE) setup and implementation

Execution phase

During the project's construction stage, progress tracking is essential to ensure tasks are completed on time. Regular QA/QC inspections are conducted to maintain quality standards, while schedule monitoring helps identify deviations and allows for timely adjustments to keep the project on track.

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  • Work scheduling (WBS)
  • Construction Data integration
  • Construction project documentation
  • As-built BIM model development
On-Site BIM Support/\n BIM Field Coordination

Operational phase

In the project's operational stage, the focus shifts to the construction project's ongoing maintenance and operation. Digital twins are employed to replicate physical assets virtually, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis. This enables predictive maintenance, where potential issues can be identified and addressed before they lead to costly disruptions, ensuring optimal performance.

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  • Digital Twin development
  • Asset information storage
  • Virtual training
BIM Consulting and Management

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