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Digital processes come to the construction site to make it better. You can easily outsource these services saving time, money and using the professional expertise of SIGNAX team. They will work together with your engineering team and help them learn.

Common data environment (CDE) setup and implementation

Nowadays, all project stakeholders need to have access to unified, secure and cloud-based information. It will allow them to collaborate using BIM models, drawings and documents making project processes digital-driven. Connect your office and site, it’s easy!

SIGNAX provides CDE deployment:

  • Information storage structure creation
  • Setting up and delimiting users access permissions
  • Developing rules and regulations of project stakeholders interaction in CDE
Common data environment (CDE) setup and implementation

On-Site BIM Support/ BIM Field Coordination

SIGNAX BIM Management services can be delivered on-site or from a remote location of your choice.

They can include:

  • Day to Day support to the client’s engineering team
  • Conducting training session and workshops
  • Devising BIM Execution Plans
  • Quantity Take-off (QTO) based on BIM model
On-Site BIM Support/\n BIM Field Coordination

BIM Consulting and Management

Most companies on the market have their own standards and rules for BIM processes. If your company works in BIM, you should establish your own standards or follow BIM requirements of the project.

SIGNAX has an experienced team of BIM professionals and ready to provide:

  • On demand or day to day client’s engineering team support
  • Developing and updating BIM standards for the client (EIR, BEP)
  • BIM model audit / Model Coordination / Building Conflict Reporting
  • 4D Scheduling / Construction Sequencing
BIM Consulting
 and Management

BIM Modeling

Are you planning a renovation or want to improve the facility management process? Or maybe you just would like to have BIM out of 2D documentation. SIGNAX BIM modelers can deliver efficient and accurate BIM models. Bring your project to the next level with a digital copy of your assets!

Services can include:

  • Modeling having 2D drawings (including CAD, PDF, Images formats)
  • Scan to BIM (Laser Scanner Pointcloud to BIM)
  • Digital Twin/As-built Modeling for Facility Management
BIM Modeling

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