Signax Digital Services

Your Digital Construction

Obtain digital data in a quickand accurate way

Digital services allow you to confirm the work performed and obtain digital data on site. Laser scanning, drone survey, or photo360 - choose the best method for your tasks, required accuracy, and time.

Laser scanning

SIGNAX professionals can provide laser scanning to ensure construction volumes accurately

  • Fast and useful method of digital data obtaining
  • Air, ground or mobile options
  • The result is a point cloud which can be the base for the digital twin of an object
Laser scanning

Drone’s (UAV) capture for site control

SIGNAX capture services is a smart way to control situation and processes on site

  • Fast and effective method of construction works progress monitoring
  • Allows to provide objective data from the construction site to all participants of the project remotely
  • The results can be in smart data cards® in your smartphone
Drone’s (UAV) capture for site control


See your site, from anywhere, any time. SIGNAX can help to control all kind of indoor works

  • Photos 360° are taken periodically to capture the construction site and track day-to-day progress of work
  • This technology provides visual information of the construction to the project team
  • Panoramic photo fixation ensures that the needed works were done and can be paid

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