SIGNAX Digital Services

Your Digital Construction

Obtain digital data in a quick and accurate way

Digital services allow you to confirm the work performed and obtain digital data on‑site. Laser scanning, drone survey, or 360-degree photo — choose the best method for your tasks, required accuracy, and time.

Laser scanning

SIGNAX professionals can provide laser scanning to ensure the construction scope is accurate.

  • A fast and helpful method of obtaining digital data
  • Aerial, ground, or mobile options
  • The result is a point cloud which can be the base for the digital twin of an object
Laser scanning

Drone’s (UAV) capture for site control

SIGNAX capture services are an intelligent way to control situations and processes on-site.

  • A fast and effective method of construction work progress monitoring
  • Allows objective data from the construction site to all project stakeholders remotely
  • Integrate results into smart data cards® on your smartphone
Drone’s (UAV) capture for site control


See your site from anywhere, any time. SIGNAX can help control all kinds of indoor work.

  • Capture the construction site and track day-to-day progress by taking periodic 360-degree photos
  • This technology provides visual information about the construction to the project team
  • Panoramic photo capturing ensures work is done and can be approved for payment

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