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Your Digital Construction

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About Signax

SIGNAX makes solutions for owners, engineering consultants and contractors helping them with scope management, tender packaging and cost control on the construction site.

Our digital control center is a new standard of construction management reporting.

Remote control on site
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Construction project management

Link your office and construction site

Nothing is more expensive in construction than lost time. SIGNAX products will help you reduce the time needed to make a management decision.

Ensure daily monitoring of the situation on the construction site, monitor the construction dynamics, ensure order on the site and comply with security measures.

Perform a remote site inspection as if your specialists were on site.

Reduce the number of working hours on site for specialists and managers. They will always get the necessary data using panoramic photos and work with inspection department remotely.

Discover SignaX Power Pack modules

Construction estimate software

Analytical management dashboard

A clear understanding of the situation at construction site.

Transparent management, clear metrics, plan/fact comparison.

Unified reporting standard for all Customers.

Relevant data in any place, on any device.

20+ types of infographics developed by 100+ of customers over the years.

Construction remote control


Visual monitoring of the actual situation at the construction site.

Remote inspection capability.

Reduction in the number of on-site visits by managers and specialists.


BIM tools

Check and classify Project Model.

Work with construction BIM-model.

Marking the fact of completion, attaching executive documentation, unloading the scope of work.

Bim quantity takeoff software

We offer


SIGNAX Dashboard

Quick reporting.

Plan/fact by type of work.

Resources control.


SIGNAX Inspection

Photographic recording of work scope performed.

The construction site log.

Construction site safety control.



Check and classify Project Model.

Work with construction BIM-model.

SIGNAX Power Pack

Connect all the features of SIGNAX Power Pack modules


How Signax works

Make a demo request. Our representative will contact you for a detailed online feature presentation based on your business needs.

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About Us

We are construction experts who have increased our efficiency with help of digital technologies and ready to help companies worldwide.

SIGNAX is a global IT company with offices in Dubai (UAE) and Boston (USA). The company unites true professionals in construction, clearly understands what the industry needs today and makes the innovations for the future. SIGNAX main goal is to bring the power of digital technologies and BIM to the construction site increasing its efficiency. SIGNAX has 15+ implementations in Real Estate and industrial projects, more than 50 iconic buildings and 3000000 total sq.m. that were built with use of SIGNAX solutions. The success of our customers is main priority for us.