Top 3 Dangerous Jobs in Construction

The construction industry has undergone several improvements to reduce the rate of injuries to construction personnel. But despite the modifications with innovative technologies, this sector remains a dangerous universe that accounts for minor and fatal injuries. With that, construction workers remain at risk of developing occupational ailments.

Accidents are inevitable despite using the most suitable building equipment and having adequate knowledge, supervision and training. Although safety technologies have simplified complicated construction jobs, it remains a life-threatening profession.

In short, construction workers experience multiple hazards at work each day, from machinery accidents to falling debris and more. And below are the top three riskiest construction jobs associated with this domain.

Roofing And High-Rise Work

Roofing And High-Rise Work

Is construction a dangerous job? Unfortunately, the answer is a big yes. Around one in six deaths in construction locations happen because of roof installation. While some are professional roofers, others are cleaning and repairing experts. The prime causes of fatal injury or death are falling from the openings or roof edges via fragile roofs or roof lights.

Whether a new or an old roof, roofing is a complex job while building real estate. All roofing projects come with their sets of challenges. Especially when it comes to a high-rise building, installing the roof becomes dangerous construction work.

Note that falls from a high-rise building are one of the most significant causes of fatal injury or death. Falls from low heights may also leave workers with debilitating or permanent injuries, including:

  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain damage and
  • Concussion

The higher the height of the building, the more the risk associated with severe injury from falling. The presence of the following items may also increase the chances of workplace injuries at a construction site:

  • Unprotected edges
  • Fragile surfaces, holes, vents, or skylights
  • Adverse weather conditions can be a reason (like wind or rain)
  • Trip hazards (take the example of protrusions and roof components)
  • Losing grip on sloping or steep-pitched roofs

The building tasks dangerous construction jobs if they involve the following parameters:

  • Risks of a worker falling more than 2m
  • Involvement with the asbestos

Did you know roof edges & openings are also dangerous spots that may contribute to severe injuries? Falls from the roof edges happen on both domestic and commercial projects and new or refurbish jobs. Reports suggest that deaths occur even while working in small buildings. Sloping roofs are a big reason. They require scaffolding to protect workers from falling from the edge.

An edge protection system may be a great idea to prevent professionals from accidents in construction. For example, refurbishing or creating a new flat roof is one of the most dangerous construction jobs. To prevent workers from such accidents, it is imperative to secure the ladders.

Demolition Work

Demolition Work

Wondering how dangerous is construction work? If yes, learn about the facts and facets of demolition work. Put simply; demolition work is the method of tearing down & removing old structures or buildings. The work is dangerous, so being cautious is quite important. Demolition personnel uses the tools to break down metal, concrete, and other similar materials.

So, is being a construction worker dangerous? If you have any doubts, learn more about the demolition work. In short, performing demolition jobs can be a physically demanding job. Workers should lift heavy objects & use power tools. They need balance and coordination while performing outdoor and indoor demolition work.

For workers who ask themselves, "is construction dangerous?" here are the risks involved:

  • #1 Falls from Height or Uneven Surface

    Falls are fatal, and the common hazards to demolition are falls. They may occur when professionals demolish any structure taller. Alternatively, they occur when they work on rough or uneven surface structures.

  • #2 Sudden Collapse Of Structures Getting Demolished

    Premature collapse may lead to fatal injuries on construction sites. Such accidents may occur if the demolition gets carried forward without safety precautions.

  • #3 Falling Construction Debris

    It's another common injury that might occur when the demolished pieces of the structure fall & hit the workers.

  • #4 When Drainage Systems Silt Up

    Although it's an unfamiliar hazard, it still occurs during demolition tasks. When the drainage systems get silted up by dust, workers may experience fatal injuries.

  • #5 Fumes & Dust

    Is construction the most dangerous industry? Well, learn about the demolition process. Dust gets created when professionals use power tools to demolish structures. It may have harmful impacts if and when inhaled. Materials such as asbestos may also release dangerous fumes into the air.

  • #6 Spilt Fuel Oils &Their Dangers

    The fuel oil gets used for powering the machinery used during the demolition task. When spilled, they might contribute to a dangerous impact (explosion or fire).

  • #7 Handling Things Manually

    Manual handling may occur when professionals move or lift heavy objects like pieces of debris and bricks. They may contribute to severe injuries.

Electricity And Heating Grid

Electricity And Heating Grid

Why is construction dangerous? Since it involves tasks related to electricity & heating grid, the job is life-altering. Electrical hazards may contribute to severe jobsite accidents & fatal injuries. Reports suggest that it may lead to dangerous hazards.

Why is construction so dangerous? Here are a few dangers:

  • Underground and overhead powerlines
  • Overloaded circuits and improper wiring
  • Damaged electrical tools & equipment
  • Temporary lighting and& exposed/open units for power distribution
  • Operating the equipment in wet conditions
  • Damaged or inadequate insulation
  • Lack of accountability
  • Untrained workers

So, what is the most dangerous construction job? If anyone asks, you now know it's the tasks related to the electricity & heating grid. Since operating electricity is one of the most dangerous jobs in construction, risk awareness will promote safety.

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