Construction Document Management

SIGNAX Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) as a part of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) is a completed ecosystem to manage lifecycle of construction process. Its opportunities start from checking of the Design solutions according to proper classification, cover verification of BIM elements, involve «as-build» valuation, reporting in investor’s smartphone and more.

Construction Document Management 1

Signax CDE & Document Management for Construction:

Design solutions - BIM classification – Quantity take-off – Cost Estimating - Tendering & Contracting – Drawings QR-verification - As-Build 3D model - As-build 360*Valuation - Quantity & Quality Check-Up – Scopes, Budget Execution and Time-Line Reporting

What are the main features of construction document management?

First of all, electronic document management in construction should be a data focused instead of doc-flow classic system. eDMS operates with 3D models, 2D drawings and as-built schemes which consist of physical parameters of geometry, volume, weight, cost and specific graphic information.

The text document and drawings exchange used in classic routed systems is now replaced by digital management that operates with data out of any BIM/CAD format (RVT, IFC, DWG) in Common Data Environment (CDE) collaboration.

Construction Document Management 2

In addition, a legal digital signature between construction stakeholders and/or QR-code are required in order to perform important operations of acceptance and payment valuation for completed works.

Construction Document Management 3

Finally, one of the most important functions of the construction workflow is the accumulation and archiving of all design and construction documentation throughout the entire construction period, ensuring the safety and backup of the electronic archive and transferring the digital twin of the building to the operation stage.

How document management system improves the construction workflow?

Construction Document Management 4

Construction documentation management system eliminates the situation of data losses. As a result, it reduces the risk of altering the volumes of actually performed works to a minimum. Financial losses in connection with the transfer of incorrect/outdated drawings or orders to the construction site also dramatically reduce.

Introduction of electronic document management increases the speed of construction business processes by decrease of the risk from defects, related alterations and the time to eliminate deviations from design. The compliance with construction deadlines ultimately affects the planned budget.

Construction Document Management 5

Signax EDMS gives the set of tools for data management and check-up to project participants just at construction site. It helps to reduce a lot of errors and misunderstandings and to influence the process of performing, verification and acceptance of the construction scopes. That will eliminate the risk of rework due to a discrepancy between the plan and the actual. Finally, it will give the impetuous acceleration to the overall construction process.

Construction Document Management 6

Additional advantages of SIGNAX are wide integration options, the capability to work in browser and any mobile devices, the ability to view 3D data on a smartphone.

Construction Document Management 7

Another important feature of the construction workflow is necessity of multi-user access to Design materials, BOQ tables, Check- and Punch-lists, MoMs, Certificates and Reports.

Construction Document Management 8

Construction process is the exchange of tasks between a large numbers of participants. Electronic document flow allows to optimize the processes of transferring and approval of documents and drawings between the Designer, the Developer, the Main Contractor, Subcontractors and the Consultants.

Construction Document Management 9

The common data environment allows to instantly find the necessary documents, check their status and provide them to project participants.

Construction Document Management 10

What is the solution?

SIGNAX is a set of IT solutions developed specially for processing, working and collaboration with 3D model and 2D graphics information directly on the construction site. The use of SIGNAX products makes it possible for stakeholders to perform the collaboration in Common Data Environment in direct connection with BIM:

  • Form, check & transfer BIM-model to site;
  • Make precise quantity take-offs from BIM and transfer it to participants via BIM-link technology;
  • Provide task operation, as-build check-up, analysis & forecasting project management tools;
  • Collect construction site real-time data in as-built BIM model; make its comparison with actual data by panoramic photos job log;
  • Track, oversight and provide 360° visibility of construction progress reporting in smartphone dashboard.
Construction Document Management 11

The solution based on the SIGNAX platform is easy to start for users and does not require any special software to be installed on their computers. It also has relatively low costs for the purchase and configuration. The implementation of SIGNAX EDMS helps the company to achieve its goals in a short time!