Modular homes in the UAE - pricing and builders

Modular home

Modular homes are becoming more and more popular as days go by. People want to invest their money in these homes and so if you are thinking of buying such a home in the UAE, knowing how to go about it is a step in the right direction. So what are modular homes and why are people leaning towards them? Here’s all you need to know.

What is a Modular Home?

It is a home that is built in a factory setting. Such a home is mass-produced and comes with a mix-and-match kind of deal. When you choose a modular home for yourself and order it, you will get all the supplies needed and instructions on how to put it all together.

A question you may wonder is, what is the difference between modular and prefab homes? The answer is, there is absolutely no difference. They mean one and the same thing. At one point in time, these were the kind of homes that were stigmatized because they were considered cheap. But not anymore. Such homes can be a lot more luxurious and comfortable than most people think.

Modern BIM technologies allow you to build your house from ready-made blocks, like Lego parts. Сompleted drone photography will enable you to land the future building on the site in a matter of minutes and then quickly select the orientation to the cardinal points. SIGNAX specializes in BIM consulting services and digital measurements using laser scanning and drones.

Modular Home Builders and Manufacturers in the UAE

The UAE is a country that has caught up in it’s interest in modern modular homes. The reason is that people here love luxury in how they live and most don’t mind paying for it. You will see a lot of small modular homes just for this reason. Let’s look at some of the reasons why such homes are a popular choice in the UAE:

  1. Less Expensive

    You cannot ignore the fact that designer modular homes are much less expensive than stick-built ones. This makes them rather attractive to most of the population. Such homes are made in a way so that they are easy to assemble, and so you will have to pay a much lesser cost for the labour.

    Don’t forget that with most modular homes for sale, you get access to pre-cut items, which is great. Everything gets delivered to the site on time, so the act of putting up your house is done quickly.

  2. High-Quality

    Modular home 2

    When you choose modular homes for sale from a reputed company, you get a high-quality product that has passed through stringent quality control. There was a time when people used to expect cruddy quality stuff when they ordered a modular product, but that has changed. You can expect a well-made high-quality product.

  3. Quickly Setup

    With traditional homes, it can take months and even years to have one built. But today modular home builders have access to great raw materials and technologies that make the setup really quick and easy.

    People who want to actually build a home in a bit of a rush can choose this way of going forward. It will be built quickly and you will get an effective home at the end of the process.

  4. Remote demonstration - using modern photo360 services (for example, SIGNAX INSPECTION module). You can remotely visit your factory-assembled home, even before payment is made, and then accept it after on-site installation. Also, you can easily compare that everything corresponds 1 to 1.

  5. Eco-friendly Designs

    Another big benefit that modular home builders put forward is that they have several eco-friendly designs. You may want a home that is highly energy-efficient and it is possible to get it when you choose one of the modular home manufacturers for the same.

What Affects Modular Home Prices?

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This is a question that buyers wonder about. When you are in the market for modular homes, knowing what is going to affect the prices will certainly help you make the right decision.

  • Floor Plan: This undoubtedly matters a lot when talking about modular homes'floor plans and prices. What type of flooring plan are you looking for? The number of bedrooms you want, and the number of floors you need, are important factors as to the price. It can be said that the higher number of bedrooms you need, the higher the price will be.

  • Size: he size of the modular homes for sale is another important consideration. The bigger the size of the home you want, the higher the price is going to be.

  • Customisation: The next factor that will decide modular home pricing is the customization you require. Standard home pricings are going to be a lot cheaper than if you were to order something that is customized to your needs. If there are extra amenities or structures you are going to require, that is going to add to the final cost.

    The thing to understand here is that often modular home builders will have templates available for consumers to buy and even a small change like the placement of a window or a door different than what is in the template is going to add to the price. Keep these in mind when you order such a home for yourself.

  • Delivery Costs: Where your piece of land is located is another factor that will affect the price. The further away your property is, the higher it will cost for the manufacturer to ship the product.

Building a Home in the UAE

With rising prices on all items, whether it is fuel or groceries, cutting down costs should not mean cutting down on your dreams. If you are planning to build a home in the UAE, then going the modular way can be a great idea. Don’t worry about modular homes all looking the same, because they don’t have to. With dedication and intelligence, you will be able to find a builder who invests in what the best technology has to offer. Quickly build your home in the way that you envisioned because that is what matters. Get the latest in luxury or something basic: whatever it is that your heart wants at this particular point in life!

If you are the customer of the modular homes, the best decision is to implement SIGNAX platform for the project ecosystem. You will have the unified functionality to control the project and each contractor: understand the actual progress against the plan, perform a remote site inspection and reduce the time needed to make a management decision. It’s a win-win situation in every way for you as a owner!