What is integrated construction management?

With Integral Construction Management software from the company, specialists can quickly and professionally fulfill any architectural requirement of the customer. The specialists also know how important it is to achieve high-quality implementation of architect's design standards. In this case, the skills of site managers are in building design, building services design, and landscape design. All the considered indicators perfectly complement each other and as a result, give an excellent effect.

What is integrated construction management and how does it work?

So, it is worth considering how integrated construction project management works. First, the test is drawn up or the existing task is revised. After that, the current data is calculated. Next, specialists need to evaluate integrated risk and value management in construction to prepare an award proposal.

Because the specialists have a lot of information about the applicants and analyze it thanks to Integrated Construction Management software, they can help the head and his managers to choose the best applicants for the award, indicating the merits of each candidate.

The next step is real estate monitoring. This usually occurs in 3 areas - structural design, engineering, and outdoor facilities.

After completing the project, the transition to the next stage is carried out - commissioning. This step is determined at the planning and construction stage. This phase includes the actual commissioning and the priming phase.

At each stage, a thorough project inspection for execution defects occurs. If corrections are needed, the team is monitoring this area of work as well.

Integrated construction management

Service elements and modules

  1. Checking the plan
  2. Invitation to tender
  3. Analysis of the technical characteristics
  4. Support in concluding a contract
  5. Security
  6. Commissioning and all related items
  7. Control of errors and defects


Project specialists perfectly perform planned repairs at the construction site. And also provide a high level of quality in work. The customer will be regularly informed about the progress of the work until he receives a perfectly constructed building, which will be put into operation.