Digital Surveying for Construction

The construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises have become complex and resource-intensive processes, requiring highly accurate initial data and a substantial volume of project information.

Мобильная версия админки в SIGNAL HUB

The efficiency and success of production directly depend on the quality of design, and design, in turn, depends on the quality and comprehensiveness of surveying works. The need to transition to digital methods of surveys, design, and construction using information models is evident.

Since the majority of construction sites are located on the premises of existing industrial facilities, characterized by a vast number of production buildings, transit communications, and engineering structures, there is a necessity to carry out work not only concerning planned construction projects but also in alignment with existing facilities and technological processes at these enterprises.

Andrew Serafimin, the head of the Digital Survey department at SIGNAX, wrote an exclusive article for the leading global portal AECbytes.

In this article, he will discuss the approach to conducting geodetic surveys on the premises of operating industrial enterprises using modern instruments and technologies.

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