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Each construction project should meet budget limitations, be completed within the established timeline and achieve Client’s requirements.

Each one involves a great deal of stakeholders: designers, contractors, engineers, consultants and work force who have to work synchronized together.

Unified interface for users and support

Digital tools come to help construction projects to meet its goals. Effective construction management tools should include remote construction site access and online tracking of performed works. They should link with transparent and precise progress data and provide real-time common environment for all project participants. Task and change management, scopes check-up and construction quality acceptance reporting are also among the basic requirements for construction management ERP.

SIGNAX is a set of IT products for CONTECH, which empower and expand Autodesk products functionality for full-scale BIM uses implementation on the site. Construction process initial data collecting, 3D visualization of completed works and plan-fact weekly log, amount of works that need to be done and timeline forecast for it, risk and safety notifications are already in SIGNAX!

Step 1

SIGNAX Digital Construction Management begins from arranging smart data cards and setting Personal Data Area in smartphone or laptop to track all key indicators of construction online: works progress, actual status, costs and project risks. This digital data environment can be used like a construction project dashboard for Investor, Developer, Contractor or Consultant.

Collect construction site real-time data

Step 2

Works real-time data is synced with construction BIM model. Project manager can see the scope of works from concrete, steel structures up to pipes and fittings and check its completeness.

Bim project real-time data in web

Live 360 panoramic photos are ready for remote construction site monitoring and availability checking. The site photo log provides full history of changes and opportunity to check-up completed works at any fixed points and time periods.

Bim project real-time data in web

Step 3

All scope of works data is fixed in smart data cards and allows stakeholders to compare total planned volume for each contractor, actual amount in chosen period (week, month, quarter) and works to be done according to the schedule in future.

Bim project real-time data in web

Step 4

Plan-actual comparison of works can be added with progress data and time forecast of each contractor to finish. The whole project schedule performance status visualizes with total execution percentage.

Bim project real-time data in web

Step 5

As a result of construction site digital analysis, project manager can use smart data cards with costs of executed, accepted and paid works compared with costs of remaining works; identify the sum of paid advances, credited advances, guarantee payments and deductions divided by scopes, contracts or objects.

Bim project real-time data in web

Step 6

SIGNAX Digital Construction Management technologies accelerate all site processes and drive project’s team efficiency to 100%. SIGNAX reduces time & costs for coordination, control and project meetings; guarantees precise real-time construction data transparency for stakeholders; brings remote 360-degree site monitoring right to managers smartphones.

Cost effective and competitive real-estate development business now means maximum usage of digital tools for construction coordination, budget control and safety risks radical decrease.

Start your own digital construction management right now!